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6 Steps Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Process

Clinical trial advertisement is only one part of the clinical trial process because once the advertisement is over; it’s getting the people in. That isn’t as easy as you might think because while there are hundreds of people who want to try out the trial, only a small amount might actually be suitable. It’s crazy because out of a potential hundred trial patients only three might be eligible. Here is the 6 step clinical trial patient recruitment process.

Data Collection

This is the very first part of the recruitment phase simply because it’s all about getting to know how to approach the volunteers. You need to think about reviews, interacting with research, talking to Medical Laboratory Scientist created focus groups, create interviews for new people as well as the important questions. This isn’t the most appealing of stages but it is an important stage. The clinical trial advertising patient recruitment might seem difficult but that isn’t the hardest part.

Define the Goals

The next step is to set out simple goals such as the amount of people required for the trial as well as how the clinical trial advertisement and recruitment process will go. You also have to think about how you are going to approach the trial and how you are going to go recruit the people and how certain goals of the trials are to be reached. You can easily set out a few simple goals but you must think very carefully about how to approach the trial carefully also.


Identify Your Targets

Your audience is important to consider which means you need to think about who the trial is targeted at. You need to think about who you need to recruit and think about how you will communicate with the participants also. Clinical trial advertising patient recruitment can be so simple but only when you get to know the people you want on your trial.

Create Good Messages for Volunteers

Let’s be honest, most volunteers who sign up for a clinical trial will look at what’s in it for them. Now, there will be a lot of people who are willing to try and find a new cure or medicine for an important illness but there are also going to be people who want something in return. You need to set up a good line of communication so that the volunteers feel wanted and needed. This is one of the most important parts of clinical trial advertisement.


This is all about reaching the people and getting the trial known. You need to think very carefully about what would make people look at your trial and this is vital for clinical trial advertising patient recruitment. Of course, you need to think about how you are going to meet your budget requirement. You also need to think about creating a timeline for the trial too. Learn more detailed information at

Is The Targets Being Met?

The last step is to evaluate whether or not the trial is going to reach its goals. You want to ensure the recruitment strategies are working as well as whether the trial is going to be successful. Clinical trial advertisement is very simple if you know what you’re doing.

Be Successful

It is always difficult at times to remain successful whether it’s starting a small trial or a big-scale trial. However, when you know the different stages, it will be a lot easier for you to be successful. That is why you need to think about getting to know everything you need to about clinical trial advertisement and bring in the best results.